ABOUT PASTEL d’Occitanie
“Pastel” is the world oldest blue natural dye taking root in Toulouse located at southwestern part of France. Blue of natural world extracted from a curuciferous plant to produce yellow flowers which is native of Black Sea coastal area.  

Pastel d’Occitnie is a brand developing dailyware and goods only in blue dyed using “Pastel”. “Blue” but it is not a single color. Its color thickness variation is rich enough ranging from pale blue like a clear sky to thick blue that reminds you of deep sea. With a subtle difference to be produced even through dying with the same color due to the natural materials, finish of every single piece is different. One and only blue is created.  

Everything from cloths to household goods gently cuddles up to your skin, daily life and environment. The intelligent blue must be required for the modern society.

We provide you with a life surrounded by authentic blue.
Pastel Dye and Dyer Denise Lambert
Pastel dye is a natural blue dye extracted from pastel, a plant of the mustard family that originated in the Black Sea coastal area. Since exceptionally high-level techniques are required to dye with this plant, it is extremely difficult to dye uniformly; items that are dyed under the same conditions will not have the exact same color. In the 12th century, pastel plants began to be grown at full scale in the Languedoc region, mainly in Toulouse, located in southwestern France. Pastel plant production flourished most vigorously in the 16th century. However, with the introduction of indigo which has a dying ability 20 times higher than that of pastel, the production of pastel plants declined as the world headed toward the era of mass production.
The key player who revived this pastel dye is Ms. Denise Lambert, a dyer born in America. When she moved to Lectoure near the city of Toulouse, she was fascinated by the beauty of the blue shutters that exceeded anything that she had seen so far in America. This led her to find out about pastel dye. Starting from obtaining pastel seeds, apparently it took nearly 5 years to unravel the dying techniques herself and generate a beautiful color that is stable. The reputation of this dye spread in no time; she reintroduced pastel dye to the world to the extent that nowadays orders are flooding in from leading maisons.